Polka Dot Shirt Fashion

Last February, we introduced the  Japan Line-our premium line – reinterpreting two of our flagship room at exceptional Japanese materials jean Kurabo and selvedge chambray shirt Maruwa.

Very sincerely, you did not imagine that you would welcome him so well.

We were so happy to see that, like us, you were sensitive to Japanese creative work in fabrics and textures!

So we thought it was going to remain a simple test, the success of this small line led us to enlarge, so we welcome a second shirt Japanese material …

Why a “Japan Line”?

We talked a lot about the importance of the materials, their texture, their hand … and it must be said that the Japanese are excellent in this field.

This line was created for one reason only: to share and transmit our passion for beautiful materials.

You discover unique fabrics work, confidential weavers, but with real value once the clothing worn!

And as a reminder, I wrote in February:

“Are we going to get other clothes out of the Japan Line in the coming seasons?” We sincerely do not know, because everything will depend on your welcome.

Well, it is with some emotion that I write this article about dress shirts for men on Shoppingpicks. A sense of excitement at the thought of presenting you this new piece, but also gratitude.

Because if you had not been so curious in the first wave, we would not be able to re-offend today. You have been as passionate as us, and for that, thank you.

Here is the shirt:

The material: a woven cotton from the Japanese manufacturer Kuwamura

Like many Japanese weavers, Kuwamura is very confidential (the famous textile secret of the Japanese!).

This is the biggest competitor Maruwa, but we finally know quite little about them.

Every time, it’s the same thing: I have to return the Internets to find crumbs of information…

Due to research (thank Google and its Franco-Japanese translator), I discovered that its history goes back to 1928.

? Kuwamura is then focused on the export of fabrics, especially with the USA. There followed a period of hiatus during the Second World War, until 1947.

Upon reopening, Kuwamura decides to do with old trades Jacquard its spearhead … That’s about all I can tell you about the company, which describes itself as ” a specialist in the creation of tissues cotton dyed son based on Japanese designs”.

This time, we wanted something very natural, with a look a bit vintage. So we turned to a white cotton canvas, but we wanted it to have something more, a little detail that we do not find much elsewhere. This is how the idea of navy blue peas came to us.

The pattern is sufficiently discreet not to pose any assembly problem, but it brings an interesting and subtle twist in an outfit. However, it was unthinkable that the peas are printed inall-over (of all the stuff, note); Of woven, if not nothing!

What is wabi-sabi?

The wabi-sabi is a pillar in Japan’s approach to aesthetics, which can be summarized by”praise the imperfect beauty”. Geoffrey has repeatedly mentioned in his articles .

This is reflected on this fabric: its rustic aspect, the relief created by the embroidered peas, the waves on the reverse … So many small elements that give all its character to the shirt!

The cut and finishes of the Japan Line Spot Shirt

As usual, we went on our usual cut,  it is exactly the same as our oxford shirt. It is essential to maintain ease, especially in such beautiful materials!

We also wanted an intermediate length, or to bring it back out of the pants.

As usual, the last buttonhole is horizontal to better distribute the tension in the abdomen.

The buttons are  mounted on tail: as you know, is more robust.

There are however new, as we headed towards polyester resin buttons. To be honest with you, we wanted to see something different than our wooden or mother-of-pearl buttons.

Alexandre has again proved his sense of detail with a very soft hue, which remains harmonious with the rest of the shirt. This allows playing with buttons a little less opaque than usual.

How to maintain it?

I invite you to be cautious if you do not want to alter the beauty of matter, its singularity requires to treat it well:

  • Washing at 30 ° maximum,
  • No tumble dryer.

How to choose your size ?

The format is very classic, just take your usual size! I know I say this every time, but it’s as simple as that. I recall that the dotted shirt of the Japan Line has the same cut as our shirt in oxford.

How to wear a polka dot shirt?

There is really no difficulty with this shirt, you will thread it spontaneously. Let’s see some.