Popular Women’s Swimwear 2016

Although the summer draws to a close, the bikini is officially the year costume. Manufactured in China, he has had great success on Amazon so much to be been reviewed 700 times. Can this be the lowest price for sale, the secret of his success?

Summer is ending, but the leaders who set a trend in the hottest months of 2015 are still etched in the memory of each of us. Patterns, colors … but obviously costumes. And on the beach, the sea and the pool a model has prevailed over all the others: the bikinis.

Comfortable, sensual and affordable (just $ 6 coast), this particular costume is a Chinese product. In recent months he has been a great success of Amazon, as to be been reviewed 700 times. The summer garment dealer so loved by women was presented with the name of Wenseny, but his real generalities are not disclosed. On the other hand, the effects of orders bikini have been growing steadily, so much so that potential buyers had to wait on average about fifteen days before potersene accaparrare one and have it shipped directly from China.

On social enthusiastic users define the slashkini as “a model suitable for all”, but we in the editorial team are highly skeptical about it. This particular garment is a middle ground between the swimsuit and bikini, in fact, end the waist and hips and vaguely reminiscent of the S & M clothing. Laces, straps, strategic cuts: more than a costume looks like a small piece of clothing that sports silhouette.

Certainly the product is sold like hot cakes becoming a trend leader: immortalized him to women around the world with pictures ad hoc and inevitable selfies, the bikini is undoubtedly the summer swimsuit 2016.
Some women, however, have complained that the upper part of the costume is sometimes too small. So, on the network the most ingenious solutions to remedy the problem, first of all, wear a top to match were shared (or contrasting) under the slashkini. As if to say: the end result is not important, the important is to be trendy.

Remember, girls, that this particular costume is made up of two parts held together by an unusual network of fully perforated fabric (so much so that slashkini a “swimsuit shredded” is often referred to). Imagine, then, what remains of the body found: even the smallest physical defect (or just some normal roundness) is necessarily known, although some say the opposite.
Doubts about it have also been expressed by the DailyMail, so that a British newspaper reporter occurred on the beaches of Brighton wearing a slashkini. And criticism of the swimmers were not long in coming. Not so much against the beautiful sent, what effect that would have on him a costume similar to a more shapely physique or possible (unsightly) signs which do not leave even tan on the body.

Girls you like this trend costume? The debate is open. Meanwhile you can compare the difference between the slashkini and trikini.