Prada in The Week of The Fashion of Milan Autumn/Winter 2008 / 2009

The Parade of Prada is always one of the most anticipated and of which raises more expectation, all eyes are on the proposals that Miucca Prada will do to the world, since these they will influence future designs of other gateways (for example, the coats of sheep that Prada showed on the runway of this autumn / winter are repeating over and over again in the parades of other designers for next autumn / winter).

And what is the future according to Prada? Monastic look, with skirts and dresses below the knee, very sober tones: black, chocolate, cream, or sky blue. They remind us to the Prada early 90’s minimalist. And above all the next winter is lace. Shirts and skirts are made with lace, not only by way of ornament, playing with transparency that brings this tissue.

The unique details that leave game to the exaggeration and excess they are add-ins: the shoes they are very skilled workers, with Ruffles and waves, and some bags they are also made with Ruffles or lace, combining in the same tones that dress.

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