Questionnaire – 10 Random Beauty Facts About Scalamari Jane

After I call we voyeuristically interested, the random beauty facts by Ariane engulfed by primer and lacquer and Hanna of Foxycheeks have, I came thanks to Hanna himself in the fix, to tell you of my deepest abysses of the nécessaire.

You knew at all know the following from me?

Always I chew 1 since already the fingernails and 28 I gave up long ago hope, ever so to be able to stop. So as my mother never stop is exactly to hit me if she caught me on the finger. Artificial gel nails accompany me through my life.

2 a tattoo is located somewhere on my bar – is very small us is (so was the plan) out of many small dots. The history of this tattoos is as Hirnrissig as the subject itself. No further questions.

3 dry after the shower for me is pure torture – instead I go in slow motion (because it so cold) by the apartment until every drop of the skin has evaporated.

4 for 10 years I visit (with one two time cheating) the same hairdresser. Phillip has made me have the hair when he lived at home with their parents. Upside down in the shower in a Crouch. At that time, he had even a girlfriend. Today he leads with his man an own Salon “Rayanian” at the Ku’Damm.

My freckles and the gap I would write 5 today with “I like especially on me” in a friendship album – previously I would have entered that in “I hate me”.

6 I hate make-up so much so that I often just leave off. Even the absolute certainty that not-out make-up after the club or just the day is so unnerving for the skin, me still not stopping often enough in clothes and without purified face to fall asleep. Please don’t imitate!

7 before a few months made me comes to the so-called Mallorca acne, stewardess disease or even blogger acne. Thereby, terribly horrible acne erupts in all over your face because resists the skin and the organism against too many – warning – product samples. It remains too damn long and I’ve dared before the door. First, my friend Hanna of Foxycheeks brought me to the problem and the solution. Thank you!

8 the best product, which I put to me in the last year is the Dermalogoica daily Microfoliant – I told you guys about it. A Holy Grail for soft skin. Decorative cosmetics of benefit Bene tint is my constant companion, even if he messed with many pockets inside.

9 stretch marks at the hip escort me since puberty. Which annoy me sometimes, but are in fact also beep.

10 ICH would like always the well-rested freckles complexion and the beach waves like I had it in Thailand. Without makeup. If I me however not have melted a couple of days, my joy about the Act of the make-up is so great that I take my endless time here. Foundation I by the way, as well as never use.

There’s no one else with those UH problems? Or do you have any need for clarification in other fields? I’m listening. I would read the 10 facts of Elina bare minds, my other tausendschönen now also likes Jane’s and Ricarda by cats and dogs blog.