Rachel Bilson against Kate Hudson: Same Skirt, Two Styles

In Jezebel or one does not escape us. We caught a Rachel Bilson y Kate Hudson sharing styling although not occasion to wear it and that of the same garment, in particular celadon with geometric motifs and elastic waist, one, the first, took a few days ago Samantha Ronson birthday party, and the second has been a skirt to play volleyball on the beach, two antagonistic and fantastic looks can be removed.

And is that skirts of this type are the ones that should have all in in the closet, and not in particular that may like more or less, to me, personally yes I love, but versatile garments, the same thing you serve to go out at night, than to go to take a cane, than to walk on the edge of the sea; and is that the key is always in Add-ins and how to combine the things.

Rachel Bilson It was fantastic with his black blazer, his hat, his tote, and his sandals, and Kate Hudson, more of the same, is not at odds in the sand with the same skirt, that does not pass you if you buy a Haute Coture gown, so welcome is ready-to-wear and living imagination.