Reinvent Yourself Fashion Blog

Nicoleta Buru is a blogger, freelancer journalist and responsible for two of the Fashion sector projects online. 29 years ago, it is Porto Recanati and six months runs his blog Reinvent yourself. He chose this name for his blog because it represents his personal project to work on his style.”I try to reach my goal constantly reinventandomi and this is truly a source of joy and fun for me. This is why I decided to share my experiences in a blog. “His style? “I like to experiment with many styles.”


Nicoleta has created this outfit for an art event and create this outfit is playing gown, inspired Givenchy: “Since the dress is very bright I matched with” nude “heels to be lighter on the look”. He chose this particular combination of colors because, in addition to the dress pattern that is very much in vogue, loves flowers or shades of purple.


For this outfit Nicoleta wearing a suit of Oasap paid $ 116 heels Altamarea paid about 60 euro, one of the Aldo brand purse, paid about 50 euro and bracciletti unbranded, paid 10 euro. What do you think of this outfit?