Sandro – Collection Autumn/Winter 2011-2012

Registering in the business continuity of the latest summer installment of the claw, Sandro e imagin by Evelyne Ch collection sad for the e back 2011 stands out for its accents rockabilly m s tin of pi are these preppy, classy and clean.What s reduce the fashionistas addicted to the style of Alexa Chung…

Surfing the linemania c, it is a locker room detailed in straight lines – o Cup pr is worth on the tail d – Sandro offers us for the autumn/winter 2011-2012. Add cela a few winks to the sixties, the boyish Paul Smith universe and the punk t Nicolas Ghesqui re 2011 and you’ll get a collection rather wise, but not naked d e attraction.

D s September, details leather invade so the pi these f tiches Sandro (blazer boyish/coat british) daughter, while his pants will adopt unanimously the 7/8 length and her little dresses will build on a sheath so Twiggy d.

A c t, the palette of colors used oscillates between fall colors (brick, camel, green for t), classic colorama (carbon, dark blue, grey anthracite) and slight tip of coral (for the girly touch). We regret the way the presence of the camel, which re to EPS conf these concern are a lightweight perfume pass iste.

Perfectly to the fact of the desires of his client the (which seems not always not done with the Leopard l), Evelyne Ch sad no: site by not pr f rer the tawny printed a python more up-to-date (this topic, if one is gu re convinced by the bi-go t l pullover Leopard/grey chin, we succumbed to the charm collar discreet, Claudine t tro r).

There is also the presence of a few personal touches, whose relevance is not always of the most obvious. We think including those narrow ties port in duo with a two-tone silk shirt, but also these coquettish details trying to bring a bit of fantasy some minimalist volumes.

The creative cr to remember to stick with the times. Teddy bear hair coat to the sneakers the Isabel Marant passing through the rusty neck rolls, t-shirt printed Navajo and the must-have shearling, references to the “it” trend of the moment are not lacking.

In the end, if you said that the mix l Leopard/leather of a cozy winter jacket will be quickly adopted by most of the addicts Sandro, and that d pit to display the “modest” sum of 325 euros, the brogues of the claw should leave as soon that the cabbage the cr me at Purefiction time of ter go, we still wonder about hospitality as fashionistas r serveront to Barbourremix by Sandro…