Shirt for Christmas Party

Hi Manolo! Now it’s Christmas and leave, but before it is complete, it’s time for the obligatory Christmas party which work stages. I was going to take the easy way out and run costume, in this case, it must be a kristrecksrandig. I do not know directly to drive a white shirt and tie — I still want the dress code a bit casual. My question is thus; What should I run on for color on the shirt? Thank you! /Niclas.

This is far from an easy question to answer based on your mail. A fitting shirt is primarily due the color of your suit and your face. Therefore, I will try to answer your question with more comprehensive dress shirts for celebratory purposes.

Generally speaking, do you think should avoid anything too large-scale and prominent patterns which characterize the shirts for the Office. Likewise, strong colours seldom preferred because it easily gives the wearer a bleached appearance. No bright red shirts! Deleted as rather from light shades of light blue, purple or pink.

For solid color shirts without pattern makes it even more important to think about the shirt material and its structure. In terms of cotton fabrics are the coarsest cloth, apart from cotton flannel, oxford. It is most often used for more casual shirts often with button-down collar. Pinpoint like oxford fabric structure, but is much more densely woven giving a lighter fabric. The most common is cotton poplin fabric which is characterized by its smooth surface.