Shirts on Sale

Of course at the beginning of the year the shirt of Friday is to choose from the many models in sales at 30, 50 or even 70% reduction. Still can be said that if you waited on Friday, it was that you were very busy, on the go, particularly distracted, or simply broke the internet. For if official balances start on January 6th, we saw flourishing well before this official date, private sales, special sales, ephemeral sales, press sales reserved for …. All those who have cash and a blue card, in short everything that accelerates the sales cycle between 2 collections.

Let us not refuse the pleasure of foraging among these numerous solicitations coming from France and from abroad and see what could make an entry in our locker rooms, to replace at our feet our old shirts, worn or simply old-fashioned, at prices while delicacy.

The shirt for men is a nice companion

One can watch the best sights of their weight on the market and the number of brands offered as MrPorter and his British phlegm, Yoox and enthusiasm Al dente Italian brand, Menlook and its place of No. 1 in France.

Try a more casual look with this on-check shirt or light of the Japanese brand Tokyo Laundry at Asos.

Prefer a more modern style, or the shirt loses the tips of his neck, but keeps the classicism of a white cotton as with Sandro.

Or want to trust young brands (and you’d be right) as Bob Carpenter and Expatriates, the lively and mobile fashion is found in the Exception, platform that brings together most young French designers.

These possibilities do not constitute an exhaustive list of course. When we know that a shirt is worth between 9 and 20 € ex-factory, in a fairly wide range, one can then decide until it is reasonable to want to put its money in this type of product. It is necessary to keep an eye on the materials, even the places of production, pay attention to the expressions used (slim fit, adjusted cut, …) which differ according to the brands and make the purchase a little more complex. Finally I would say that we must take advantage of our young designers.

The women’s shirt remains glamorous

The feminine shirt perfectly accompanies tailor, skirt, pants and remains a diurnal alternative to the dress. It can be chosen in a less formal style than the traditional shirt. If a certain number of masculine models go very well to the female sex, the examples below do not have as primary vocation to be borrowed by the man of the house. Are the balances made to accumulate, exchange, renew? regardless, this is the time or the field of possibilities and expands or it can test new brands, as in Galeries Lafayette, Net Porter, Urban Outfitters, Asos, Maje…. For example, and all those who will have the good idea to slip in your mail box interesting offers … but justified.