Shorts & Bermuda Shorts

Shorts or Bermuda shorts -Where is the difference?

Shorts are very short cut pants that emphasize your butt and have little leg. They are also known as hot pants, which came up in the 70s, shortly after the eruption of the miniskirt. Bermuda takes their name from the Atlantic archipelago, where they are well accepted as uniforms due to the weather. The Bermuda shorts ends a few centimeters above the knee. Anything shorter is usually referred to as already Shorts.

Shorts & Bermuda Shorts

What Shorts- and Bermuda are there?

In see chino shorts and chino Bermudas, short slacks and sport shorts from comfortable fabrics. Jean Shorts are available in various washes, distressed and high-waist models, that is with high waist. Business-shorts are worn with black tights even office-friendly.

Which character type are shorts or Bermuda shorts?

Almost every downside looks in the short, comfortable summer trousers good! Only one thing you should consider when choosing the Shorts not forget: The shorter the shorts, the more clearly stand out any problem areas. So if you have strong legs, then they will appear even more powerful by a few very small trousers. Therefore really short shorts or hot pants are women with thin legs best, regardless of whether they have a round or flat buttocks. With strong thighs a Bermuda is more advantageous. A straight cut without pleats flatters every figure type.

Shorts & Bermuda Shorts

What shorts and bermudas one selects a flat butt?

Even a flat butt looks in shorts or bermudas very good! Only the fact that the bags are not too big. Look – these are not “filled”, the Po appears even flatter. What you can really wear are shorts with large prints, patterns or bright colors. These detract from the Po form.