Shorts: Sign Up to The Summer Look

Each of them has a very different body: Jennifer Aniston, It is very thin, narrow hips, and not too high; Jessica Simspon, voluptuous and with legs a.4; Sienna Miller, stylized and bony; and Scarlett Johansson, woman woman. But none has unceremoniously l horae look leg, more for aesthetic reasons, for reasons of comfort.

Not everyone dares with shorts in the city, they are rather typical of a summery outfit and beach, to look at less-traveled places, where anything goes; but increasingly that incorporate this rather more comfortable than the miniskirt garment, because you don’t have to do juggling to crouch down or fighting you with wind, their daily uniforms; that Yes, Since the measures are so small you have to know take them not to fall into the obvious.

If we take the celebs how example, do not believe that they are the best ally of the companion of cast of Penelope Cruz Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona, at least well not; make it excessively wide, on the other hand in Jennifer Aniston they are more discreet and flattering: combine them with a romantic top is the key, Although plan sport as Sienna carries them are a great alternative to exercise and go perfect. The country version is only suitable for lovers stalwarts of the genre like the Simpsons, but beware, This winter back cowboy boots. Stay tuned.