Should Breast Handkerchief Matching Shirt or Tie?

Blue tie and white shirt, the breast handkerchief then match the white or the blue?

An equally ancient question “how the dinosaurs died?”. However, it has, unlike the dinosaur issue a definitive answer.

Breast handkerchief should “always” match shirt

Why is it like this? Take a look at the picture below.
Breast handkerchief and tie the match, the result is that you easily mistaken the person to work at Forex or be Steward a flight. Not so stylish.
Matching tie and handkerchief may simply look like a uniform.

The exception that proves the rule, but not really

As with everything in everything, there are exceptions, I have personally seen matching handkerchief and tie without looking completely ridiculous out, it is simply about the type of costume, color selection and above all the situation. But if you want to be sure that it will be neat so you should always match the breast handkerchief and shirt, not a handkerchief and tie.

Another exception is so clear when not wearing bow tie or tie, but just a handkerchief. Then it is simply to color match the right, choose a stylish combination of colors of pants, shirt / sweater, jacket and handkerchief.

But as I said, you are doing yourself a favor if you follow the rule, “Breast handkerchief must always match the shirt”, matching tie and handkerchief usually looks very cheap out.