Street Looks of The Famous, Preparing The Autumn

Clothing stores in the Collections for autumn-winter 2010 / 2011 they already occupy all the space and time is gradually changing to becoming cooler. Now playing go transforming our wardrobe from summer to the autumn, as they do the famous in your street looks.

Combinations for every day to catch the trends of the moment and show them to the spring days. In many cases basic ideas that always come handy to take note. And in the end you can choose the famous with style.

Long pants or shorts: the famous choose

As we are still enjoying summer, which remains although it seems that not much by lower temperatures, the shorts they remain as a key pledge in female costume. Jeans shorts to go catching the fall trends, where this type of pants are maintained. Now are short, exhibiting the pockets so that they look well, as does Ashlee Simpson-Wentz.

But autumn comes and with it come the long jeans. New fashions are in the dressing room of the famous before that in any normal person, stop this have stylists who advise them. Victoria Beckham It could not be less and is targeted to the broken jeans While strolling with their children.

Maggie Gyllenhaal opt for a look that could well be Street through the choice of the Bell-Bottoms with elephant legs. Again, Yes, so you’re already taking those of past seasons.

On the other hand, Clémence Poésy, one of the new stars of Gossip Girl, he opts for a few straight and tight trousers in a finishing bleached to match a printed t-shirt. Very grunge it. You are pointing ways.

Eva Longoria prefer something more causal and right, blue and white, without breaking the standard.

Dresses skirts against: Jessica Alba against Emmy Rossum

The question is what to choose: if opt for a dress or a skirt for this time. Jessica Alba opt for the latter. By a beautiful denim skirt long, down to the knees and with a tiny leather belt at the waist, to play with a simple gray top and black accessories.

On the other hand, Emmy Rossum Choose a short dress in white with beautiful floral details on the surface, at least round neckline and straps. Sun glasses and black dancers could not miss.

Madonna leather jacket: essential

The garment star to cover the cold these days as soon as it starts to make more bad is the leather jacket. A black, as the Madonna, It’s perfect and combines with everything. Cloth included.

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