Summer Girl Dresses

Make yourself the dress your little girl maybe a fun task, especially if you are on the fashion for child. Here are some instructions for sewing a dress for girl summer, the choice of the fabric up to the realization.

Summer Girl Dresses

Clothes for children cost more and more expensive, it is more beneficial to make yourself a summer for girl dress. What is more, you will have the privilege to choose the quality of the fabric and the reasons for the dress, perfect for small budgets. But above all, it is important to choose the Cup. To do this, nothing more simple than a catalogue or strum on the Internet. In any case, you are inspired, pretty dress will be.
Choice of fabric for a dress for girl summer

  • For girl summer dress is ideal to ensure that your child is comfortable during the heat of summer. Materials for the design of the popular sundresses are cotton or Poplin.
  • It should be the model you want. If you did not yet prove yourself in fashion, choose instead a dress simple trapeze with straps, very convenient for your child and easy to make (in 2 hours depending on your pace).
  • You must take the measurements before you start cutting (for 3 and 4 year olds: 50 cm x 140 cm, from 5 to 12 years: 120 cm x 140 cm).

The steps for making a dress for girl summer

  • Pin the pattern to the other side of the fabric folded in half before cutting back and front in careful to leave a sizeable margin when you cut all the way around for the coming adjustments (1 cm for seams, top 3 cm and 2.5 cm at the bottom for hemming).Assemble ratings place-by-place to the machine by not showing the edges (English sewing).
  • Then, sew as with a hem, armholes folded to 5 mm that you must then iron. When you are finished fold and iron the edges of the front and back, again fold the cloth over 2.5 cm and iron, then assemble all the pieces to the sewing machine.
  • After hemming, cut the Ribbon in half and insert each half of Ribbon in the hems to make a sort of straps. Your sundress for girl’s ready to use!