Summer Nights Are Black

With the Black for dress evening happens as with jeans for day: that cold, then heat, winter, spring or summer, do not take off them off. Question of habits, I guess. And look at that hot flashes ask RID woven cowboy and opt for bright colors to show off the acquired moreno, because there is no way.

She is clear that man is an animal of customs, and the woman, even more. It is surely a matter of wardrobe and sure hit, because it is always better to spend on completely timeless a garment, a tone and a form, making it into something with expiration date.

The issue is that the women, already are Brunettes, Blondes, high or low, we love the black for special occasions. Whether in the form of dress, jacket or pants.

And Mono.

Is it for this reason that made slimmer and it allows us to get clothes that we would never use in other ringtones? Or is it that it is an elegant color and also sticks with all?

Almost always accompany you color that best combines you: the White (or failing that grey).

Although funeral may seem is very common that not leave of the total look and we dress in black from head to toe.

And is that who does not have in her wardrobe a? little black dress?