Sunglasses Trends 2015

Finally summer! Almost everywhere in Germany there were some nice hours of sunshine and temperatures around 20 degrees. What may be missing because no case getting around town, driving or relaxing outdoors? Exactly, the sunglasses. It not only protects the eyes and saves eternal blink, but is also a fashion highlight and THE accessory for the summer. In spring and summer 2015, there are new sunglasses trends and some old acquaintances.

Sunglasses Trend: Around & colorful

The sunglasses trend in 2015 is clearly towards models that stand out. Even as the highlight of your complete outfits good for the new sunglass fashion.

This season may be large sunglasses, have extravagant plastic frame or the glasses are held in bright colors instead of the usual black or brown. But what exactly is a trend?

  • Round or oval shapes on edged models is rather dispensed.
  • Conspicuous versions, e.g. made of acetate or horn.
  • Contrast between the base color and color of the lenses.
  • Gladly it may also be oversized models.It is handy that this darkening even better.

But not only the latest trends this season in. Even the good old aviator is still popular this year. They not only looks cool, but also matches virtually every plus size outfit. Even as a contrast to very feminine look makes these sunglasses looking like some.


What you should look for in sunglasses trends necessarily

No matter which brand or which design – always stay to the fact that your new sunglasses also has a UV filter protection and carries a note. Most stands on the bow an imprint. “UV 400” is usually sufficient. The EU directives appropriate glasses carry the “CE” mark, in conjunction with the tone level, namely “cat. 2 “or” cat. 3 “. “Cat. 1 “darkens little while” cat. 4 “for example, to drive a car is too dark. From very cheap sunglasses You better refrain, because here the security imprints are often counterfeited.

Do you wear sunglasses without adequate UV protection to your pupils open by the dimming effect. Since the glass the UV rays but almost completely pass through, they can so directly strike the eye and cause long term damage.

Sunglasses trends (top to bottom):

  1. Round Sunglasses: Ace and Tate Amsterdam
  2. Sunglasses with colorful glasses and transparent frame: Ray-Ban
  3. Oversized sunglasses with multicolored frame: death’S
  4. Aviator sunglasses with light History: Ray-Ban