Taylor Swift Is the Job Model

On Tuesday, it was finally so far: the makers of the “Victoria’s secret fashion show 2014” ran the hottest models of the industry in a hint of anything on the catwalk. One was missing this year on the catwalk: Jessica Hart (28). Blame Taylor Swift (24) was calculated.

As already in the past year fueled Taylor Swift at the “Victoria’s secret fashion show 2014” a musically. As well as Ed Sheeran (23), Ariana Grande (21) and newcomer Hozier (24) was allowed to shine the singer in addition to the angels on the runway and thus give your hits to the best.

Victoria’s secret show without Jessica Hart
That Taylor Swift appeared for the second time in a row as Act on the hottest fashion show of the year, the country girl should have made but on one condition: model Jessica Hart could at the “Victoria’s secret fashion show 2014” not among the ranks of angels.

“It was not officially announced that Jessica is not running, but it was a direct request by Taylor, that this should be so, if it is”, an informant reveals the “New York Daily News”. The reason why Taylor Swift wanted to see the blonde not on the catwalk: Jessica Hart had after the last “Victoria’s secret fashion show” expressed critical of the presence of the pop star. “God bless her heart. I think it’s great. But I don’t know, for me it has not changed”, something said uncovered hard at that time.

Taylor Swift dissed model
Meanwhile, Jessica Hart regretted her statement. “It was torn from the context, but I definitely learned my lesson,” she later admitted Protocol. This week, she had to learn again painfully, what it means to take on Taylor Swift. When the “Victoria’s secret fashion show 2014” Jessica did not run with hard actually. “No one should know that Taylor asked that Miss will be hard in the show. You want to sweep it under the carpet, but the facts are so well”, as the source for the”New York Daily News”.