The Aesthetic Is Steampunk and Men’s Fashion

If you’ve never heard of Steampunk, you certainly have seen (and very much) clothes, accessories and objects based on this subgenre of literature. The term, which uses the word steam (steam) in reference to the industrial revolution, has its origin in the late 80’s as a variant of cyberpunk, and can be often seen in the media without our notice so easily.

The Aesthetic Is Steampunk and Men’s Fashion

The steampunk shows a reality: the space-time in which the mechanical technology the steam would have evolved to levels unlikely with cars, planes, and even robots powered by the steam already at that time.

The fiction steampunk focuses on the actual technology and theoretical of the victorian era (1837-1901), including such steam engines and mechanical devices. Many of the important works of the genre are set in this era and the main authors are: Jules Verne, H. G Wells, Mark Twain, and Mary Shelley, among others. Each one of them wrote works featuring advanced technology and set in the sixteenth century. The NINETEENTH and the beginning of the XX.

With many fans around the world, the steamers are characterized by the use of a retro fashion victorian produced with materials like copper, leather, gears, and feathers, both in clothing and in objects. Still hats, pocket watches and corsets for women are compulsory pieces in clothing steampunk. Many times clothes and objects in the contemporary, such as the computer, are transformed aesthetically in machines of the century XIX.

And on steampunk fashion, since the victorian period spans over 120 years of transformation in the life and culture of the citizens, it is possible to merge the standards of several times to achieve a unique look. The important thing is to express the personality of who uses. However, even with diversification, for men standards-the basis would be: explorers, hunters, military, aristocrats, scientists, doctors, mechanics, labourers, pirates, air, engineers, spies, etc.

Thus, we find mainly: pants cuts that are straight shirts, button, vest, jacket, and overcoats. For the head, the traditional top hat, berets, railway quepes, fezzes or helmets. In the footwear, traditional shoes, military boots patent leather, or skin of vulcanized rubber with the pipe in varied lengths (from the lowest up to the riding that reach almost to the knees).

Already in the accessories the possibilities are endless, always dominated the style retrofuturista with the gears or mechanisms of clocks, these, preferably, of pocket. Masks, glasses old as the “Goggles” (glasses modified with sets of multiple lenses, monocular, binocular, with a variety of features and mecanizações complex), lunettes the steam and a mechanical arm. Finally, weapons for protection, not to mention rings, bracelets, and necklaces, among many others. The rule is that they must pass the notion of functionality, usefulness, beauty and fun.

Who wants to know more about the style, you can watch some movies such as the Invention of Hugo Cabret, Martin Scorsese, John and Mary: Witch Hunters, James West, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, League, Extraordinary, and Van Helsing, among many others. Already in the song, one of the biggest names is the american band Abney Park, whose video you see below:

It is important to remember that the aesthetic of steampunk is not restricted to the fans by theme; clothes, watches (among other accessories) and decorative objects sometimes benefit from the charm of this style to create a visual aspect retrofuturista.

If you want to delve more in the subject can visit the website of the SteamCast and watch the videos about it or access the web site of the Council of Steampunk.

As most of the clothes and accessories are hand-crafted you can find many items for sale on Etsy, just do a search for steampunk.