The Back to School for Which We Are Not So Girls

Do you dream to return to school through your looks? Do you miss less the moccasins that you used with the uniform jerseys at peak and the trenkas? I would like you to live abroad for an American with shields or a wool Cap combined with your uniform? If the answers are affirmative and feel a special nostalgia When you see this kind of garment, look for this fall is the College.

Knowing that investing is easy done with a school look flawless, always depending on factors such as our age, our work, our physical and our budget. We show you a guide so that you have the look of fashion adapted to your style. We started.

The school look has been treading with force this last season and returns to the old ways with the presence of it-girls every day more young people as Alexa Chung o Olivia Palermo (that seems taken from the gang of Blair and Serena in Gossip Girl) and with inspiration that have left these and other celebrities in the girls of the street: socks and dresses as Alexa Chung o Agyness Deyn; flowered dresses that have been in movies where actresses indies as Zoey Deschannel o Carey Mulligan they wore them; the impeccable look of the characters of Gossip Girl … all of this has made that this look is wanted by all.

Before beginning our search for what we need must be borne in mind that with a small touch enough to achieve the desired effect. We don’t need bag, moccasins, Cardigan, the trenka and beret to play at new College. Just a few well-chosen items: a cardigan, part SUV where exist; a skirt or some Bermuda if we have good legs; a few loafers or a bag and we will have it all done.

Already in the field started with the garment with which we have to do if we do not yet have it: Cardigan. A point Rebecca will get us out of any trouble and is a trend for this season. Do we want one that serves us for everything? This of Top Shop, inspired by the collection of Stella McCartney meets the requirements.

A t-shirt or sweatshirt with American University style message will do the rest. This one, also from Top Shop, It is practice for any autumn morning.

The trenka is one of the clothes that I like for the winter. In the most daring Red.

Or in camel for those who want to go more unnoticed. Are also of Top Shop.

Shims or above-the-knee socks are a very cute piece for those who play with good legs. With Bermuda as this look of Zara and a gabardine or military parka is a perfect look for halftime.

A pretty skirt woven cowboy or dice is also a good item to get the desired look.

To finish we give way to add-ins. This year bags are inspired by Alexa model of Mulberry, not suitable for all budgets but that has left a trail of similar bags in stores low cost. Like this, of Zara.

On our feet, you don’t have to always pull the obvious … what about instead of a few loafers or a few oxford a simple dancers or simple sneakers in black?