The Bag Carrying Your Bag in Box with Style

Here is the bag allows you to carry your bag in box with class.

You do not even open the bag to pour a glass.

Also: It is really neat!

Are you one of many who prefer a bag in box front to buy several bottles or cans of your favorite beverage?

Then this bag is for you.

Drinksbag Cosmopolitan was developed by a woman who got tired of not being able to sneak with his bag in box when she was away at various events.

Whether you prefer wine with a percentage or an alcohol-free option so you can now carry your bag in box with style.

“Drinksbag is no ordinary bag, it has an insulated lining and a secret opening for any bag in box that has a nozzle,” the company writes itself on its website.

Bag for your bag in box

The bag is available in classic black, beige and brown – but also in refreshing colors like red, purple, pink and blue.

On the short side is a small flärp that you open when you get thirsty.

Price? Approximately 630 crowns. Some of the colors are now on sale for about a femhundring.