The Best Shoes and Sandals of The Famous This Summer

The choice of the best shoe or sandal It is difficult for dressing and more in summer, since we have to think in the heat for what have to choose the pair more comfortable and fresh. The celebrities have it clear. Its shoemakers are like a room of someone normal so they do not have much problem in choosing outfit. That is why we choose the best shoes of the famous this summer looking for the greatest variety of models.

Inspired by the Councils purchase that gives the Blog of Patricia to our fellow eBayers think in our own list with some names (as you know, they are not all because it is impossible). And we leave to you to make your choice the best in the survey.

If you are still thoughtful as Blake Lively with her Chanel bag and do not know that shoes to choose here are some ideas.

Best smooth Sandals by Sienna Miller and Kate Bosworth:

For the day to day there is to choose a comfortable shoes, We can go from here to there with him and our feet do not ask for clemency at the end of the day. If add you to this that we want something fresh, maybe a pair of sandals as open as possible are the best choice.

Sienna Miller Choose a very minimalist, black and with minimal straps that hold the ankle. It is a possibility.

The other idea is something more ornate, that is one smooth floor sandal, without heel, but with more design, as the option chosen Kate Bosworth. Skin to avoid bad materials, which the foot to breathe and look to game.

Best Sandals heel by Leighton Meester and Sarah Jessica Parker:

The heel sandals they are no longer so comfortable, especially if we listen to many brands and choose which measured three floors with their respective elevators to reach them. For every day they can be deadly. A thin heel is the worst, better is a little thicker or already opted for one strong. TO Sarah Jessica Parker These alternatives are not you and you prefer to always go with a curious heel.

The most festive options are in the street with ideal looks for summer. The example is the outfit of Leighton Meester in Gossip Girl: floral 100% and with a blue sandals, with a bow detail, precious.

The best clogs by Miley Cyrus and Rachel Bilson:

The fashion clogs It seems as if it had only been reserved for the famous. On the street are seen but little. At Zara are available when theirs would be that they were sold out already. It will be that we are not still very proponents of this style. It is very comfortable, toe also breathes a little behind and the heel is thicker. Rachel Bilson no doubt it.

Until the younger as Miley Cyrus they have joined the initiative with generous platforms to raise the soil as much as possible. Sport looks for every day.

Best lounge by Katie Holmes and Kristen Stewart shoes:

The salon shoes they are the wild card of our Shoemaker. We can wear them on many occasions: from the working to the best party. Each one has a special detail. The design looked Katie Holmes recently includes a golden buckle that improves the shoe, which has a thin heel and black.

The surprise for many will be the inclusion of Kristen Stewart in this list of the best shoes but the woman deserves it for his improvement in style and well that wore black a few days ago with a very daring mini-dress and a few high heels game.

Best party by Kristen Bell and January Jones shoes:

When choosing a more suitable style for attend a party is the question of whether sandal or shoe. Both, like me so neither for you nor for me, for the two. Kristen Bell He dazzles with his Jimmy Choo sandals in golden color, with a very fine heel.

While, January Jones Let us at the beginning of the summer one of their stylish look with some peep toes very suitable beiges for any summer party.


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