The Great Lessons of Fashion That We Leave 2015

2015 has been an unconventional year. Dresses that most triumph were the most striking, the most successful models had, which contributed something different, and more successful, less expected trends. 2015 has been an original year in fashion that leaves us several lessons of fashion back.

It is possible that someone in his normal life look Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

We thought that it was not possible to walk along the street or taking photos with a dress of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada without seeming that you’re Carnival, until it was Miley Cyrus. Thus join two women who see the world in full color, where the extraordinary is our daily bread and who understand that fashion is the attention, have fun and never never be never boring.

You’ll never one size less shoes

And even less one strappy sandals less size. But I believe that the little fingers they have an escape through the strips, all you get is that your fingers will reveal and go partying where you least expect. They tell him to Mamen Sánchez at its foot, which became viral after taking up his post as Mayor of Jerez de la Frontera.

Put a neckline of vertigo in your life and you’ll be the Queen of the mambo

Gives just that your father is as famous as Mourinho, if you dare to be the sexiest of the party, will not go unnoticed. This cleavage earned him to the daughter of Mourinho steal all the limelight to football coach. If the saying says it “throw more two breasts that two carts”, and even a soccer game.

There are dresses that look like giant tortillas

It is just as important as the MET once, Rihanna This huge yellow dress of a Chinese designer was planted and burst internet memes. 2015 has been the year in which the reviews of the red carpet include memes that you ridicule most bizarre dresses with wit.

You can go dressed as if you were nude

To see if after be eating healthy all day, from crushing you in the gym day Yes day also, join all popular races of the world, you’re not going to boast about the great body that has cost you blood, sweat and tears. Say Yes. There are many fans of the time dressed but naked, or if you want it to say fine naked dress trend, as Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez.

The lace and lace of the baby are not only when it is born

You can also wear them before birth! Especially if transparencies crazy your mother so much as a Kim Kardashian. And throughout the pregnancy has been showing us his gut with this type of lace dresses. Almost can even glimpse a Saint through them.

The new Km zero of Madrid is Primark

The most photographed site in Madrid, which everyone wants to visit, stealing tails and visitors to the Prado Museum and the Thyssen Museum is the new Gran Vía Primark store. Still not we have heard you give nothing, but no insurance who thinks it.

Until Anna Wintour they are thinking, the most interesting Spanish fashion is Zara

The most powerful woman in the world of fashion makes lightning visit to Spain and spend enough of Spanish designers, let us some phrases for the history, and not let make you photos, go rauda and fast to Arteixo, safe to take good note of what makes Inditex to take ideas and apply it to American fashion. Anna Wintour is very clever.