The Look Right with the Colors of the Autumn/Winter 2017

If there was ever any doubt that the trends this fall/winter would work together, this photo comes to end them! It is amazing how men’s fashion has synergy between pieces, styles and colors at any time of the year.

The Look Right with the Colors of the AutumnWinter 2017

Why does it work?

Take three colors that will be much seen in winter season and join in without even thinking if they combine or not. Ready, the look is done!

Well, but that is not the only, the example shown above has some interesting peculiarities. The first of these is the jeans, of course, was to stop at the top, giving space for a pair of chinos military green, the other is the sweater in a tone of brown that is inside the palette this season and that promises to be successful with men, these shades have already been used before in pants, but now give the guys in shirts, jackets and knitwear.

Also it is worth mentioning that the texture of the jacket and the pattern of the blouse style cable knit kept the look of the top, highlighting the face.

The All Star shoes gives the air stripped that the look looks, but we need not get stuck to this type of footwear, especially in the winter.

Try this…

to exchange the shoes for a boot to protect the shins in the days of strong wind. A workboot would work very well here!

It would not be the same thing if…

swapped out the pants for a denim replay fabric would take away much of the contrast that was achieved with the twill green.

In short:

  • In men’s fashion from the most diverse trends generally work well together;
  • Try to play the jeans for the top (shirt or jacket) and use a pair of color;
  • The brown migrates pants for the used parts back, such as jackets, shirts and knitwear;
  • Textures and patterns on top call attention to the face;
  • Tennis simple give air cool to combo;
  • But boots can help in the cold days;
  • Enhances the color contrast, avoid repetitions, if possible.

Additional tips:

For chubby – the knitted cable knit gives a lot of volume, prefer a smooth. Keep the jacket open at all times to not mark the belly.

For skinny – use the jacket in a darker color with a 3 buttons closed, this should stretch even more the silhouette and play the look at his face.

For altões – the silhouette sliced is good for you, but be careful with clothes out of proportion, such as a jacket is too long or too short and the mesh exceeding the length of the jacket.