The Look Right: with the Highlights of the Winter

It was difficult to pass up this look, as the combination brings no less than 4 pieces is on the rise in men’s fashion: the pea coat, very seen in this season, the knit arancommented on the Channel the Male several times, the tailored trousers that, gradually, it gains the attention of men who dress casually and those white tennis shoes that are already proving a success for more than 3 or 4 seasons.

The Look Right with the Highlights of the Winter

Why does it work?

In spite of the parts surefire, many of them could simply not match! Fortunately we are in times where men’s clothing is made to be interchangeable, even when we have very different styles, in fact the contrast of them is to cool, leaving the visual more interesting, mix white tennis shoes classic with a tailored trousers is not a sin if your idea is to create a combo dresser, the same goes for the knitting, it can often seem very “relax”, but here fell like a glove.To close with gold key, we have this beautiful wool coat and it is worth remembering that to use it with the collar slightly raised gives you a touch more.

It is also the tip of the half: lots of people kills himself trying to match it with the shoe or with the pants, but in a outfit casual the of mix go well with almost everything (black pants with black shoes would ask for a half in the same color). Colorful socks are released here, but the colors closed may work better.

Try this…

a mesh with strong color, such as wine, grape or burgundy, a color so you can add vibrancy and interest to the top of the composition, another option is to do this with a scarf, the combination of neutral allows.

It would not be the same thing if…

swapped out the tailored trousers for jeans, we need it to give an air more european look, so we need sneakers to make it relaxed.

In short:

  • The pieces featured in the winter can create looks beautiful, but this does not mean that they work well all together, here, fortunately, this happened;
  • Men’s clothes are increasingly interchangeable, the casual board formal without conflicts;
  • Mix white tennis shoes basic and classic with trousers tailoring is high;
  • Zephyr [cloth are perfect to looks hot and comfortable;
  • Coat the pea coat with the collar slightly raised it is more stylish;
  • In doubt, choose socks grey mix, they go well with almost everything;
  • Insert the mesh with strong color or add a scarf to draw attention to the top.

Additional tips:

For chubby – the mesh-type aran adds a lot of volume to your silhouette, but as it is overlapped by the jacket should not cause any problems, keep;

For kids – the silhouette is cropped by the contrasting colors, one tip is to find a jacket shorter, not exceeding the hip, using the buttoned.

For altões – close the jacket can leave you very stretched, try to use it, is always open, if possible.