The Looks of Dita Von Teese in Paris Fashion Week

Dita Von Teese It is an elegant woman, with its retro styling and always impeccably made-up, burlesque girl makes a few spectacular appearances above all in galas and events. As it is a usual Paris fashion week already seen with various outfits.

First appeared impeccably dressed in an outfit of Dior, to support his beloved Galliano in the front-row of the parade of the French firm. Then, went to the of Jean-Paul Gaultier in an outfit in grey and the inauguration of the exhibition of Patrick Demarchelier with a costume of trousers! type Tuxedo with Hat and the whole thing.

Up to saw at the Party held in honor of the designer Sonia Rykiel with a fabulous cut model siren’s Gaultier. This kind of outfits and opportunities take the style of the Teese. It is as if she were made old-style to show off flight and long. It is a girl who convinces with each outfit, but what has been the more you has convinced TI?

What Ditan Von Teese look more like ta?