The Most Important Thing When You Buy Down Jacket

When you buy down jacket is of course important that it is warm enough and has a good fit. But the most important is perhaps that the jacket is entitled fill power. We will guide you right.

Peak Performance “Frost” – Down Jackets mega ‘trendy because they are a classic in look that works year after year, and in many situations. Addition the fit is really good!

It almost all brands have to struggle most when they produce down jackets is to find the perfect fluffiness of the jacket. What “fill power” has a jacket is crucial to how it is perceived, feels and looks.

– Finding the right kind of down filling and just the right amount of it so that the jacket will be perfect fluffy get to rip around with. It should be quite filled so that it has a cool upsetting, but it may not be too much padding, so the jacket feels hard and stiff. At the same time one must take into account the temperatures jacket to cope with, explains Jonas Olsson, designer at Peak Performance.

When you buy a down jacket going down is usually from ducks, it is the most common thud. It may also come from geese, which is considered a little finer. Mixing rare duck and goose down in jackets. When you read the label, it may for example be 90/10, then it means that 90 percent down and 10 percent feathers.

– The build-up on the bounce is very thin, fine feathers that turn into clusters. It is they who make the product becomes fluffy and it is, in turn, makes the jacket becomes hot. The size of these clusters depends on the fill power down has. Imagine that you have a bag with down pressed to. When you release the pressure to be the down again fill with air and become fluffy, and it’s the fill power, says Åsa Andersson, CR and quality manager at Peak Performance.

Higher fill power means that the jacket has a higher ability to become fluffy again. They choose different fill powers depending on the type of jacket, a super hot, big and fluffy jacket need significantly higher fill power than a very thin jacket, which does not need as much recovery.
In addition fluffiness of the jacket there is of course one thing to take into account to: color. Just this year it’s a toned down color scheme that applies.

– It’s down jackets solid color that comes in quite classic colors. Art Breaks previously appeared on many details does not feel as hot anymore. Opt for a more toned appearance and color selection, says Jonas Olsson.