The Navy in Men’s Fashion: Use with Moderation

The nautical style, or navy if you prefer, you face some resistance on the part of the male audience do you think the parts a little out of context, especially if you live in a city like São Paulo, a sea of concrete that does not match with the inspiration taken from the clothes of the sailors from the beginning of the last century. Actually, the navy propagated by the media is exaggerated and even a bit allegorical, but the style when it is inserted in the middle of the pieces casual mundane (as in the photo) has its charm.

The Navy in Men’s Fashion Use with Moderation

It is important to emphasize that the navy is not only about t-shirts with blue stripes, as many people think: pea coats, top siders, a pair of white twill and the good old blazer marine are part of the repertoire nautical. Together, these clothes amount to one visual sailor, who, as already said, it sounds exaggerated, but mixed the other parts give it an interesting touch, and lightweight to look.

Accessories can also help you to keep your visual with a way more navy, such as straps with locking anchor, watches strap with canvas colored belts and cord in the colors of blue, white and red.

It is also worth to make use of symbols nautical to stamp your clothes, whether a shirt, a tie, shirt or even a coat or jacket. Bussolas, ships, the compass rose, maps, and the already cited and popular anchor help bring the weather to those who want to give a pinch navy to the repertoire of the day-to-day.

The blazer, the piece that currently is at the top of the list of clothes that the man must have appeared as a sailor suit adopted by the british navy, but this is a story that we will tell you on another occasion!

See below some looks and elements which are inspired by nautical elements within (click to read the comments):

Note: As always, although trust in the power of discernment of the readers of this site, I advise you to use these pieces sparingly. ; P