The Perfect Chambray Shirt

This morning, I spoke of the economic model of BonneGueule line: a model to fight footing with high-end brands in terms of quality, but with very much lower prices.

Now it’s time to talk in more detail in our chambray shirt .

Why did we produce our own chambray shirt?

It had been a while since we sought the shirt in chambray ideal, without being able to find it. It fell every time on matters without great stories, too dull. And it’s a shame, because this type of shirt with working roots should breathe the authenticity (as with a beautiful denim).

Or, it was always the same thing: a straight cut, white seams, and inevitably pockets breasts. To believe that a simple shirt, adjusted, without pockets, and with a beautiful chambray did not inspire the brands very much!

It recognizes the quality of a canvas chambray its irregular grain, which is nevertheless very homogeneous, with reflections in which we find the hue characteristic of natural indigo. Nothing to do with the shirts of the big brands.

Finally, this canvas must be sufficiently dense to fall well, keep its hold, and thus avoid the “soft collar” effect.

Authentic material, but a current cut

Styling aside, a good shirt should be close to the body: it must accompany the morphology, without mold .

But chambray shirts are often cut  Too wide: we wanted to avoid this, so that those who want it can also wear the BG-1.2 with a blazer, or even a suit (for a professional style that remains relaxed).

That said, the overall length and the narrowness of the collar allow this shirt to be the ideal complement of jeans or canvas pants.

Another important detail: we worked a lot cutting the sleeves and the armpit, to ensure not having excess material around the arms and torso, and thus well draw the wearer.

A few words on the subject and the details …

So we went hunting to find the web of our dreams. And it was frustrating to see that the Japanese manufacturers, with magnificent canvases, far surpassed our budget, making more for shirts costing double (thank you customs taxes).

And then miracle, we finally fell on our Holy Grail: a beautiful chambray from the Albiate workshop, manufacturer located at the foot of the Italian Alps, north of Milan.

The Italian chambray that we selected is all cotton, heavy but not too much (150g / m2), and deeply dyed with pigments indigo, so that the shirt will delave according to your use, while retaining its beautiful light blue color.

The neck is very convenient: it fastens with hidden buttons, to stay snug (but you can detach it when you iron the shirt).

Swallows are also provided on the sides of the shirt: this is aesthetic, and this guarantees the solidity of the shirt where the tensions are concentrated.

Finally, we wished wooden buttons to enhance the authentic look of the canvas. Buttons that have undergone a light matt varnish, to keep them clear as long as possible (we find that it is the best color contrast with this canvas).

A workshop specialist of the shirt, near Porto

The seams are 6 points cm, which is superior to usual standards for this type of shirt, all crafted in our workshop near Porto’s historic textile area of Portugal. It is also a workshop that works for many brands that you know quite well if you read us regularly (Givenchy, in particular).

Maintenance of the shirt

The piece is robust and its maintenance is easy: 30 ° cotton program and minimum spin.Take care of her, she will embellish with time, and will say thank you (if a shirt could speak). But no dryer please.

Our shirt size very standard: take S if you usually wear S, M if you usually wear M, in short, you understand.

Some ideas of outfits …

Wear the shirt… with everything: really no cons-indication. But for an optimal style, the raw materials are ideal for dress shirts: canvas of a chino, knit cardigan, Japanese canvas jeans, blazer in tweed, or suit in flannel of wool.

In terms of color, it is a piece that will go very well with blue or gray raw jeans. In addition, a khaki coat, or clothes of beige or sand color, will particularly fit with this shirt: do the test.

And if you have any doubt, everyone is responding in the comments. So that you can fully exploit the potential of this shirt.

How does it fit?

The cut is deliberately adjusted, especially at the level of the bust. To give you an idea, the M is a 38 at most brands. But do not panic, you will have a measurement chart in due course!

In addition, people doing the XS will be delighted, because it is a small size that has been worked hard (and tested).