The Perfect Shirt

The shirt is a garment for which there are different models with many variants such as color, fabric, cut, collar shape, sleeve length …

Before choosing your shirt, ask what will be its function, namely to dress for the office or to embellish you during your exits.

Indeed, a suit shirt is worn inside the pants, so they are much longer than the others. A shirt that you will wear off the pants must arrive mid-butt.

Here are the essential points from healthinclude to choose your shirt:

The Matter

Your shirt should be light and comfortable to wear. Do not forget that you will wear it for long hours and that it is essential that it does not irritate the skin or that it does not scratch.

So prefer the comfortable shirts and qualities elaborated with natural materials such as cotton, linen or even silk.

Always check the composition of a shirt before purchasing, prefer double twists, the yarns are lined with the weave and give more firmness and flexibility to the shirt.

Then inspect the seams. A quality shirt has only one seam visible along the body, while the shirts of less good invoice have two visible seams.

Finally, pay attention to the folds of the sleeves, they must be regular and discreet.

The cup

Always prefer the arched shirts that will spruce your silhouette, if you have a little belly, choose the one size above your to avoid being plodded.

Flee the straight cuts that make the silhouette heavy and give an unformed appearance to the whole.

Regarding the collar, avoid English collars that have an over-sportwear look unless this is the effect you are looking for. The Italian collar is undoubtedly the most elegant but tends to magnify the head, this model is therefore to be avoided if you have a head well round.

The pointed collar refines the face so prefer this model to the Italian collar.

Also make sure that the collar has a good fit, it must be rigid and straight to be stylish. A quality shirt will always have whales built into the collar to ensure rigidity.

The rigid and wide cuffs are also details that make an elegant shirt, but do not focus on this, this is just a little extra.

The details

When you button your shirt completely you must be able to pass two fingers between the collar and your neck.

To check the length of the sleeves, fold your arm, the bottom of the sleeve must lie on the bone of your wrist.

A well cut shirt should allow you to remove it without having to undo the buttons of the sleeves, however make sure it is not too wide and covers you the top of the hand.

Check that the spacing of the buttons is sufficient to not reveal your torso to the slightest yawn of the shirt.

If your choice is on a costume shirt, tuck it in your pants and raise your arms, if it does not come out of your pants it is that the length is perfect.

Finally, be aware that the collar and wrists must protrude one centimeter from your jacket, be careful with this detail, this is the most important.

To guide you in your shopping, here are some brands that offer very nice shirts:

  • Mammograms
  • Koon
  • Bill Tornade
  • H& M
  • Paul Smith
  • Thomas Pink
  • Celio