The Perfection of a Summer Look by Alexa Chung

There are women who deserve to have a photographer lying at each exit to the street that make, because their estilisimos are note and book recommendations to catch ideas that apply to the style of each. Alexa Chung is time the It UK girl (feel, Kate Moss, but young talent gain ground) and his last walk in New York dazzled with this look.

The dress belongs to the Barbara Hulanicki collection for the British firm Topshop and is a perfect example of a garment that Choose this summer hot 2009. Red, with the print in grayscale, minimum neck round and with a minimum, Alexa Chung He manages to choose the perfect dress for this time.

The difference comes when it comes to opt for a model with a long sleeves (reaching to the elbow) and by the signature sunglasses Karen Walker in azure blue with a rounded finish.

Details like these are what make it be the British trendsetter of the moment. When choosing how to combine a styling so better let their options, i.e., no plug-ins, except a minimum collar that goes unnoticed, like the clock.

That Yes, that the Gladiator sandals don’t forget us, and to be as successful as the of Alexa Chung, who even with a bag shaped purse goes perfect and smooth.

You know, casual dress, sandals and little else. Do not miss excesses to go well.