The Style of Laura Ponte

One of the women with more style in the national scene is Laura Ponte. Your style vintage, elegant, and with hints of the 20 and 30 years I love, but it is true that I often to modernize it, and mixes current clothes from big brands with rescued clothes of some old cabinet.

This former model has a photogenic and a peculiar sad look that makes it unique as a photo model. Currently still working hard as a model (although no longer on the catwalk) and as the image of brands such as Cortefiel, brand jewelry Vasari, Amichi or Girard Perregaux. In his time came to make to campaigns of Valentino.

Among their favorite brands are some national as Miguel Palacio or Loewe, and not lost nor a chance to support them from the front row of fashion shows of Cibeles and Paris.

In his wedding with Beltran Gómez Acebo He chose a dress long sleeve, 20’s style, designed by Miguel Palacio, with embroidery of silver in the waist, long tail and a beautiful veil of lace on hair. It is the best example for brides who want to marry with a vintage style wedding dress.

When it goes as invited to weddings, always wears gaudy fascinators and very elegant jacket and skirt suits.

In the wedding of Cristina Hidalgo It showed that with pants width and a blouse can be much more elegant with a dress.

He tends to mix female romantic dresses with masculine blazers.

Is especially beautiful with Tuxedo or long skirt.

Know how to use very well the skins without adding years, combining them with dresses, blouses and loose pants and even jeans.

For walking around the city choose comfortable clothes, without losing its special style.

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