The Youngest Designer of the World

On Instagram, mayhem has long been a star. Now the American fashion brand, has committed the first four as a guest designer J.Crew to design their first fashion collection with mayhem. Yes, that’s right one…

When Hollywood stars like Lupita Nyong’o ‘ o (31) and Jennifer Lawrence (24) at the Oscars in designer gowns on the red carpet walk, watching millions and are thrilled. The robes of the stars but so good she re-examine these with her mother for themselves even in miniature format of paper like the little mayhem from the U.S. State of Ohio. In the finished paper dress, mayhem posed for MOM Angie, which published the pictures of their kids on Instagram profile “2sisters_angie” and operates also The corresponding fashion blog.

With this particular idea, mayhem became the Fashionable Internet star with currently 435,000 subscribers who get to see pictures of her nearly every day. So, attention was also J.Crew Chief Designer Jenna Lyons on mayhem and felt inspired.

The youngest designer for J.Crew
Jenna Lyons has the fashion brand founded in 1983 J.Crew to a successful company (turnover 2013: 2,227 billion U.S. dollars, equivalent to 1,790 billion euros), which enjoys international cult status and sells clothing, shoes and accessories. To win mayhem as a guest designer for J.Crews children line “Crewcuts”, Lyons Mama Angie wrote an email himself. Mayhem and her parents flew to New York, where the deal was sealed.

Now, mayhem created her first collection but not with traditional materials, but as usual with paper designs. These are manufactured in the connection from the creative team of the fashion label as a fabric design.

J.Crew is excited
The creativity of the four was the actual Chief Designer of the kids line, Crewcuts, Jenny Cooper, the the industry journal “women’s wear daily” revealed in the interview: (…) We were impressed, how carefully pinched a four fold in a skirt and how carefully she specifically placed stones on tops, who has draped it around her own torso.” Also J.Crew Director Jenna Lyons was completely convinced of Mayhems fashionable talent.

When and where is mayhem mode available?
Mayhems fashion line is “little mayhem with J.Crew” mean and include nine models from fashion and accessories, which all should cost less than $ 100, equivalent of 80 euros. From late spring 2015, the collection should be available in the online shop of J.Crew. Small Downer for German Mamas, the fashion of mayhem for their daughters want to shop: J.Crew while supplies to Germany, but with customs, import VAT and postage which is expensive quite quickly.