These Dolls Are Real!

Shortly before Christmas, the French “Vogue” makes a girl’s dream come true and shows Barbies in the most beautiful designer dresses from Fendi, Louis Vuitton, and Saint Laurent. And the best thing – there are Barbie’s clothes not only in small dolls, but also in our size!

The Valentino Barbie

A set made for the coming spring. Ever make a note of: the fashion doll wears platform Espadrilles in the new season!

The Miu Miu Barbie

Okay, we leave the hair loops the U-15 girls. But in the blue dress in the style of the 60s, we are. Not to forget the dazzling disco heels!

The Chanel Barbie

If it is not enough for the tweed jacket and the Houndstooth bag not, then there is at least a lipstick, or?

The Gucci-Barbie

The perfect equestrian look à la Gucci with riding boots, Seidencarré, Saddle-bag – and even cups

The Dior Barbie

A dress can hardly be shorter. Who wants to show less leg, relies on the high heels in the same pattern!

The Moschino Barbie

A Barbie can hardly be genuine – Finally, Pink is her favorite color. Moschino was already dancing the puppet for his latest collection in a Barbie-style

The Fendi-Barbie

Is sport murder? Not in this outfit. Here comes Barbie’s waist as saying.

The Armani Barbie

On the XXL hat would be envious even Pharell Williams!

The Ralph Lauren Barbie

Golden from head to toe. The right look for Christmas!

The Louis Vuitton Barbie!

Small time travel compliant? Then nothing as in the Louis Vuitton pants suit and get in the 1970s!

The Saint Laurent Barbie

Barbie has never been so cool: space boots, Glitzerapplikationen, velvet and mullet

The Dolce & Gabbana Barbie

Barbie meets Flamenco at the current Dolce & Gabbana look!

Behind this cover the fashion Barbies

This is no Barbie but the former model Ines of the la Fressange!

Granted, turning clothes do not carry the Barbies in the French “Vogue” and let their hair is also not renew button. But instead of such children jokes suited these Barbies for real fantasies: Finally the models Magdalena Frackowiack wear (21) selected items from the current designer collections (30) and Elisabeth Erm.

Barbie-shooting in the French ‘vogue’
Star photographer Giampaolo Sgura has staged the two supermodels for the latest edition of “Vogue” as real-life Barbies, even complete with matching (Designer) box and matching accessories! The two models can be seen dressed in Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel and Louis Vuitton times from head to toe.

Barbies for the adult fashionistas
Photographer Sgura thus managed the most funniest fashion line of the year. Fashionistas will want to Christmas now guaranteed not only the designer items, but also the Barbies – even if there not to buy them.