Tights and Socks

In decline, the women’s footwear market remains receptive to innovations. Beyond basics, fancy products or functional create new valued segments.

Tights and Socks

They gallop on the sidewalks, tapering in their treggings thighs. Between the skinny jeans and leggings, this sticky thick lame imitation, leather or leopard, snapped the 13-25 years old, is the new segment invested by Dim to find growth. «Is a comfortable alternative to the pants, which increased by 15%» “With an average price of 30% greater than a sticky “, Marvel Véronique Carn, Sun marketing director. An epiphenomenon, since the classic sticky market is declining for many years.We went from 366 million pairs sold in 1977 to 133 million in 2014. The older targets, with the sticky on a daily basis, disappear over the years. Nothing that over the last five years, the market of the polyamide has lost a lot of buyers, “says Julie Dussaussey, analyst at Kantar Worldpanel. A decline of 12% for tights (to 12.7 million buyers), 22% for the mid-low (8.1 million) and 38% for the bottom (1.7 million). “The shoe is also very dependent on the weather effects-he dived from 42 percent in September. And the effect mode: the opaque fell by 15% in value, but the transparencies are up by 4%, because skirts get longer.

Seduce via ‘a spirit shop’.

In the face of the rise of the Calzedonia, Etam and H & M, special operations are mounted in the retail sector at the start of the season. We represented in a spirit store, explains Laurent Trognon, CEO of the Divine, a specialist of the fancy pantyhose brand. More supply, the more it attracts. Our products generate interesting margins, but remain an affordable investment to change his look. “A Scotsman for the school year, the rhinestones for the new year, an eyelet lace and satin for Valentine… Of 120 new designs a year, Divine alongside the registry of fine lingerie. The MDD, predominantly in the shoe, also tried to enrich their range by offers pragmatic: “morphological” tights (flat stomach, low height…) and opaque varieties for 15-25 years at Tex (crossroads).

Ray socks, the ‘technical’ innovation is still more compelling character because, apart from for girls, this accessory rarely plays an aesthetic role. This market grew by 7% in volume and 2% in value over a year. Fashion boots helped him? If this is the case, the ‘fun’ aspect or deco was not concerned. “This renewed short-term is buying wholesale lots and prices”, Julie Dussaussey weights.” It remains mostly a market of renewal, but we recruit through our concepts indoors and pure cotton.”And the development of the sock for women allow us to play more on styles ‘, full Xavière Pétillon, marketing director of Kindy (market leader, with 11.8% in value and 6.2 percent in volume, behind the MDD, to 46% and 52%, and in front of the No.-names to 10% in volume).

The MDD and the No.-names are dominant, but the progression of the sock at the expense of the sticky encourages stakeholders to review their strategies. In July 2014, Sun resumed thus on-line management socks category whose license was entrusted to Kindy. ” We will apply the recipes that made the success of our tights bringing innovations, impertinence and fashion ,” says Véronique Carn.

The levers of the well-being and sport

Beyond the ‘fashion’ or ‘fun’, these are the functional falling level: foot care and sport. The first received five years of expansion of products of pedicure in drugstores, seconds, more active lifestyles. Is not the same socks on his floor, walking in the street or when you’re running with plus size tights, see HOTICLE, at Carrefour market manager. Therefore, in 2015, specific products that were previously only sold in retailers of sport will now find themselves at Carrefour, with instructional videos on the shelves. “Socks of yoga to massage to aloe vera, through those of hiking and the ergonomic (left foot and right foot), the Tex brand wants to meet all the targets with products ‘ 30 to 40 percent less expensive than those of the specialists’.».