Timberland Boots-That is Best in Test

Everyone knows that Timberland makes the cruelest boots. But it is the classic 6-inch Premium or new Killington 6-inch Boot, which is best? We have tested.

We allowed five women between 21 and 44 test both 6-inch Premium and Killington 6 inch Boot during September and October 2016 in order to more easily find the model that fits best. How they thought of Timberland-boots.

Round 1: Design

The boots is just as high on the ankle, but the 6-inch Premium is a few centimeters higher overall, because the sole is thicker. It is also wider and bulkier in appearance. Despite the fact that it is so classic it sticks out with its heavy rubber sole and two-colored laces.

Killington 6-inch Boot is dimmed, discreet and available in more colors than just beige, so it does not break the mold of, for example, a pair of black jeans. Both boots have padded collars around the ankle and nubuck leather in the absolute highest quality.

– Neater boot, you look for. The feet look small and narrow in this model, even though it’s boots, we’re talking about, says one of the test subjects.

Round 2: Comfort

The worst you can do is to stand down the foot in the boot, and immediately decide whether it is the right model for you. The test panel testify namely that both models are a little unlovely the first hours you have them on your feet, then formed quickly after the foot, loose ends and sits in place like molded. In contrast, cause none of them chafing for any of the women in the test panel.

Because the 6-inch Premium has been around for over 40 years, chances are you already have owned a pair of these boots. As you may know already that they can handle a lot of wear and lasts an eternity. In fact, they are even longer if you tie your boots, then you do not risk unnecessary wear on the heel. You can have them both in the woods or on the town, because it is a work boot at the bottom but also an icon of street fashion. They are comfortable almost goes without saying, they had not been there had not been a beloved favorite year after year.

– The perfect boot! I had wanted something more heel grip, for which much play it a little bit, but they are beautiful, it is no doubt about, says one of the women who tested the shoes.

The leather on the 6-inch Premium is impregnated with silicone in several installments, and the seams are latex glued, which makes the boot waterproof. You do not even impregnate them when they are new. Despite this, they breathe very well, precisely because it is not a membrane in the shoes that make them warmer. Will boots dirty? Then you can even rinse them in warm water, it will not hurt boots. They are, in other words very durable and sustainable in every way.

– I used them when spöregnade and feet remained bone dry. It is most important for me, no shoes leaking water is beautiful, says another test subject.

When it comes to Killington 6-inch Boot as it is extremely comfortable. Light, agile and flexible, while it is just warm enough.

– Killington is soft and subdued to walk in, it feels like walking in a couple’s shoe sneakers. They are really a dream, the feet do not get tired even after a long walk and you get no abrasions, says one of the test panel participants.

– I had them even indoors in the Mall of Scandinavia for a whole day, and even then got his feet warm. They breathe super indoor and outdoor heat well, says another.

Round 3: The sole

Anyone who knows the Killington 6-inch Boot exclaims, “Oh, that’s easy!”. These boots are really a lightweight version, while it manages to be nasty. This boot is also durable, but the sole is fantastic. Timberland developed the new sole Sensor Flex for three years. The result is a stable but flexible sole with good grip even on slippery surfaces. It gives good bounce in your step and relieves the feet in a really nice way.

6-inch Premium has a thick sole that makes you come up a little bit from the cold ground. It is substantially patterned grip well and are capable of slippery leaves on the asphalt without any problems.

– Tractor sole is a hallmark of this boot. Just sole I think this is not only practical, but that it is a bit heavy and bulky helps make the boot so attractive, says one of the test subjects.


Only you know what boot that fits you best. Do you want an easy and smooth boot that you can go far without getting tired feet so Killington 6-inch Boot is for you.

If, however, you’re after a really rugged boot that is also a style classics are 6-inch Premium is the obvious choice.

Do you think it seems impossible to choose? You’re not alone. Two of our test persons could not be better decide which they would buy loss, but ultimately chose both models.