Tips on How to Choose Lingerie

For many women, lingerie is a way to feel sexy, but also in his choice should pay attention to the practical side. Sometimes convenience is a key determining factor, especially if you choose a bra or panties to wear under the dress. Women can choose to wear underwear for yourself or for your partner. Regardless of the reasons behind their choice, it is ultimately the woman who will wear it.


1. Determine exactly what you want. Ask yourself what are the objectives behind your purchase. Whether you buy a new bra to feel comfortable and want to wear something sexy for your meeting on Friday night? If you want to feel sexy, sexy consider what it means for you. Select your panties that will fit and will highlight your figure, not those that look great on the mannequin in the store.

2. Choose clothes according to your forms. For larger busts, we recommended bra without padding that covers well and is comfortable. They also recommend that if you choose to wear a dress to bet on firming body dresses and underwear like to raises and tightens more relaxed areas of the body. On the other hand, if you want to emphasize your curves, try linen, which focuses on large bust you or rounded thighs. To raise smaller breasts, just try to type lifting bra or one with extra padding.

3. Consider how long it can take. Not all underwear is created in the same way certain tissues and require more time for their laundry, and more care. Silk and synthetic underwear may be placed in the washing machine while lace and other delicate fabrics should be washed by hand. If you do not want to engage in such further care underwear you, then head to the tissue that is easily cleaned, such as for example cotton.

4. Take a few steps when checking underwear. Go ahead, then cast a quick glance in the mirror. Dance in the locker room, then lean forward and backward. Whether you tighten your bra when you stretch your hands or you comfortable? You are not just buy something sexy to wear to her husband, or intend to carry nightgown night before he see it? It is possible linen that looks great when you try to not feel so great if you wear it on the dance floor, for example, so turn around and porazkarshete bit before you decide to buy it and see how it moves with your body.