Tips on Wearing Belts

Fashion accessory, the belt has become an indispensable part of an outfit. To make it a true ally of your look and play with it to flatter your figure, follow our lesson in style.

Belt: the smart accessory for a beautiful silhouette

Much more than a fashion accessory, the belt is an asset to your figure and your style, if you know how to wear it.

The belt emphasizes the silhouette, highlighting the size, can play on new volumes and hide a tummy or too wide hips by placing it where you need on your clothes.

With what to wear the belt?

The belt is worn on almost any clothing.

Funky on a jacket, it gives a chic side with a shirt. It also feminized maximum a dress right or wide.

The belt gives the look of a tunic and plays the classic card over pants.

How to wear seat belts?

The belt is worn according to your style but also the look you want. It adds value to a basic garment giving it a plus. It can also transform a classic product like a trench coat or a suit jacket in one piece more likely.

Classic , wear your belt through the loops of your pants or shorts with your back up into your bottom. On a dress, put it on top of the hips and adjust it according to your desire. If you have a small waist, highlight it up. A small stomach, place your slightly loose belt and blouse made your dress. This is called playing with the volumes.

For a more trendy look, you can bet on the high waist or wear the belt tied as we have seen on the catwalk.

Remember: do not wear your seat belt on the hips if they are wide. Place it rather just above the last to refine and divert attention. Do not hesitate to underline your waist or play with your belt and your garments to smooth your silhouette.

How to choose your belt?

Forget the big belts or straps impressive. Fall for the wide belt female and ethnic braided.

The leather is timeless and if you want to bet on sure values, buy black leather, red, gray and varnished for a touch more chic winter.

In summer, the scope canvas on linen or silk is nice and gives a romantic look. Prefer the thin waist for a classic look on a dress or a shirt. For fashion fans, dare belt metal chain you wear a black dress with heels for a rock look.

The belt should not be shifted with the rest of your clothes and especially your other accessories.

Do not wear, for example, a big belt patent leather with a light dress. Let the closet or the leopard belt that made big reasons that magnifies the figure and SES sees too.

Remember that a complete belt holding: it must not dominate. So choose it as per your silhouette.