Tokyo Fashion Week: Highlights from The Third Day Guide

The third day of the Tokyo fashion week It arose succulent, so much so that I had to divide it into two because there were material for a while (and that is a summary…).

In the first part we had left some interesting proposals, especially the of the Mark Everlasting Sprout or any release of Izreel. But the highlight of the day came from the hand of the five remaining.

Above all of Junya Tashiro, who illustrates the header. The Japanese designer that gives its name to the brand returned to hit when it comes to dress the woman in the next spring/summer 2009. Although some of these sets back to be complicated for the street, but look great on the catwalk.

Bet by short dresses to do so with the long, where he achieved a greater success (the top two are perfect in the interplay of shapes). The color palette you choose has to the White and its derivations as principal, but also seduced by the black in a jacket or dress. A success.

Behind him, the proposals of Naomi Yamamoto under the brand name Tiny Dinosaur, which I already spoke on the first part by choosing one of their sets as a highlight of the day. You see the two sides of the coin, on the one hand, to the man Gets you to design interesting items that dress in a warm climate or colder (a success in the) jackets), with wide steps and some more upwind; While for women is correct in some cases, as in the picture (especially pants) right, but then risks with clothing as the striped bib the left does not look much. Lights and shadows but with style.

And reached the time of the risk. In all gateway can not miss the avant-garde proposal Designer of the day, and this time it was the turn of Sunao Kuwahara, under the Mark Sunaokuwahara. I liked your designs, so I chose one of them as outstanding. Despite the fact that they are impossible to dress, they seek to give talk. Even if not all the same. There are also floral blouses and black skirts normal sets, but these are most common. The velvet dress the first part is magnificent, and it is this transparent black, more as art than as a pledge. Both have a groundbreaking character that I love. Later, the the influence of canopy in the other set caught my attention, not beautiful or not, but carried badly which is.

After the previous mark, it had to much to innovate attention, and mark Zechia get it in the most striking manner: in the decoration of the hairstyle models, all a mistake for clothing. The choice of eye-catching “ornaments” in the head the models made that datasets do not luciesen as well, and that they were the best of the day. In special jackets, more fitted and in shades of soft, very well combined with short skirts with flights. Also impacted the dresses, like the two that we can see in the image, touches of folk and hippie that is let to see according to the length or width. Superb collection of Zechia.

And as spent the second day of the hand of the Mark Ato, the closure of the parade was the worst event. Ato bet on the nu rave with fluor colors look, while the Nicole boutique, the hand of Kyoko Higa, He did so by the mish-mash of some 80s influences of all kinds. We could well see some orange skinny fluorine, combined with t-shirts of the time, as a dressed in folkloric touches accompanied of a beige vest. Finally, the British, look very similar to the of Henry Holland with House of Holland, was present while trying to digest all the other sets.

Third day, with proposals of a very high level. You were all: innovation, risk, class, traditionalism and even more tacky side. We cannot complain.