Too Much Accessories – a Classic Style Now!

We often talk about the importance of accessories, but it may be too much

Accessories are fantastic, it’s a fun and easy way to create a unique and personal touch to her outfit. Everyone can have a black suit and a white shirt, but with the right accessories, it can be a spot and magnetic outfit, but with too much accessories, it becomes more scarecrow than hunk.

Do not go All In

All too often, however, people who have gone all in, they have four bracelet, watch, necklace, sunglasses, and rings. It is not pretty. The effect is that you get a “hajtands-neck band subcontainers” look, you know surfing 45åringar with bleached hair and rough age crisis.
So, do not overdo it with the accessories, the reason that they make an outfit look better is because they are a subtle way to make it unique. When they take over your whole outfit, it is far from subtle.

While we’re talking accessories, here are some cool items you will like:

  • Bracelets for men, a timeless accessory
  • Braided bracelet from KJP
  • Watches
  • An interesting  Bell Ring
  • Should breast handkerchief matching shirt and tie?