Trends Autumn/Winter 2010 / 2011: 70s

Within the Potpourri of trends inspiring of the looks of the season, include the 70’s, because it allows us to opt for looks more elegant, suitable for the working in an office, How to choose more casual looks, drinking in the hippie esthetic of the Decade. Mango He has found in the seventies his fetish decade and both the parade and the catalogue we have seen many looks that are inspired by this style.

Although perhaps worth a few ideas on how look this looks without looking like we will be disguised. It’s a very sophisticated 70, sexy, but not be too obvious. There are several muses that serve as inspiration, as Lauren Hutton, Diane von Furstenberg, Bianca Jagger and all the celebs that spent nights at Studio 54.

The 70’s day look

For look style 70’s during the day, You can use items such as:

  • Pants, slightly flared, always with a good belt.
  • Earth tones, very autumn.
  • Blouses of silk or satin with lacing to the neck, and a little wide sleeves, which give a sensation of movement.
  • The returned turtlenecks, who get on the inside of the pants or skirt to mid-calf, marking waist with a wide belt. Add a large collar, a vest and you can have the look perfect in a simple manner.
  • Rescue monkey in your closet, idea that we saw in the parade of Chloé, a garment of seventies more.
  • Used (best fake) leather garments, as vests or capes.

The 70’s evening look

If we are talking about one of the most famous clubs of all-time, we can not forget of the night looks that inspires this decade:

  • Long dresses and loose, very sexy.
  • Looks with flares and bull-fighting, as proposed Emilio Pucci.
  • The dinner-jackets, or blazers with trousers of male type, good heels-joined form one of the most memorable looks of those years. Wear them with nothing underneath, hinting at the neckline or a ruffle neck blouse.
  • Metallic tones and fabrics like lurex.

The style of the 70’s accessories

A floppy hat, a sun glasses maxi, a thigh high boots, a shoulder bag, a wide leather belt or shoes with platform will help complete our outfit 70’s, or if the rest of the outfit is simple, to have small touches that make us think in this decade.

The scarves They also add that touch necessary boho in any seventies outfit.

The jewelry is also key to the look: long earrings, many bangles or bracelets stacked on your wrists, or several large rings are the key to success.

With regard to the hair, is long and loose, slightly curly or curls.

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