Trends Autumn/Winter 2010 / 2011: See What Will Be This Season

Even though there are 40 degrees in the callle, items of the new autumn-winter 2010 / 2011 already they are arriving at stores. And taking advantage of the microclimate that have stores of fashion thanks to the air conditioning, let’s find out what the trends autumn/winter 2010 / 2011.

Cautious woman worth two and we must start the new season on the right foot, knowing first-hand the basic season, so that we take full advantage of our new purchases.

The good news is that this season we could call it the comeback season, because everything is back. They are back many garments that have been fashion this year and the previous, and also last decades fashion. But there are also new things, to make us to bite the hook.

This year they are decades past, as usual, but instead of a single time, we speak of several. For example, of the 50’s and their flight below the knee skirts, of the 60’s and the pop touch of some items of the 70’s in a very Halston style, and even of the minimalism of the 1990s. In short, that there is something for everyone.

Fashion of the season colors

Above all, the camel, but also red, olive green, white as striking color suitable for the winter, and of course, eternal black.

New autumn-winter trends

This year designers have opted for the outerwear and there are several that will stick strong this season, as the borrego Aviator style jacket.

The classic camel coat.

And the layers, they have been in parades, but have also come to the stores low cost. All these items will achieve that cold days are more bearable.

Tissue star will be the Velvet, that takes in colors such as Garnet, or green, and also in black.

The length of skirts It extends below the knee. With a bit of flight, the 1950s-style.

Or directly, to the floor.

Small details to be fashionable

Do not need large investments if we adapt our style that takes this season. Small details they are sufficient, as buckling up to above the buttons of the shirt (can be very vane, but there are people who get to make you well).

Wear knee stockings.

Clothes with cutouts, dresses that teach small pieces of skin, seen in Chloé, Herve Leger, Jean Paul Gaultier and Preen. A trend is not suitable for the colder regions.