Trends Autumn/Winter 2010 / 2011: Style 60s

Front of the sober, functional and almost masculine elegance of the 1970s, this season autumn-winter 2010 / 2011 It also imposes the trend years 60, a stylish lady, which marks curves, and highlights our femininity with corsets, flying below the knee skirts, shoes medium heel, pencil skirts and retro bags.

Prada, Louis Vuitton, Rochas and Nina Ricci, among others, have rescued this style, inspired by the series of fashion that everyone is talking about: Mad Men. We speak of the late 50s and early 60s, a time in which appearance was always careful to the millimeter. Everyone came out to the impeccable Street with his hat and gloves.

Garments to recreate a style 60s

  • A dress cinched at the waist, that take volume at the bottom, ending below the knee. The typical dress of promotion, with floral print, for example.
  • The the grandmother skirt, with this length so complicated midi. But do not frighten us, because it is too sexy, if we combine it with a blouse or a sexy top.
  • A pencil skirt high-waist, or a dress cinched, closed, with sleeves three-quarter, for example, the style of those who both like Victoria Beckham, is also an excellent choice.
  • The capri pants, with a minimum heel.

Accessories in the style of the 1960s

  • The kitten heels or media, 4 or 5 cm heels.
  • Sunglasses style feline.
  • The doctor bag.
  • A wide belt, short gloves, Diadems, backcombed hair, etc..

Modernize the 1960s style

For example, Dries van Noten get update media with the masculine blazers length skirts.

Stockings by the knee can also be added if the skirt up to here or the socks if the length of the skirt is below, as the parade of Marc Jacobs.

Luce skirts with materials such as leather, as it is of Zara.

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