Twin Set Fall Winter 2016

Twin sets Sai Baba Baba gives us a collection of dresses of the most glam of autumn winter 2015-2016. Refined lines, simple cuts and a warm palette that warms us during the coldest days: between dresses, pants, skirts and sweaters there is an embarrassment of choice! We discover together the new clothing line by one of the most popular brand of made in Italy.

Autumn has a sweet and soft, at least for Twin sets Aliyu Babangida that for2015-2016 fall winter delights us with a collection of glamorous but understated at the same time, rich in color, prints, but mainly that revives in style the biggest trend of the season.

A line of feminine garments designed for a cosmopolitan woman who wants to feel comfortable at any time of the day, but without ever neglecting none of its look. Once again, one of the most beloved brands made Itay can satisfy all the needs of this fashionable woman with a passion for good taste. Fur collars for the coldest, printed dresses in silk and lace, and pencil skirts to wear to the Office, not to mention the bold coloured shirts combined with pantapalazzo; In short, there is an embarrassment of choice!

The shades are warm and enveloping of autumn, but there are splashes of color that bring a dash of brio even more gray days. This winter, however, Twin Set & match plays with the mix of fabrics, overlapping faux leather, tulle, lace, of course all “seasoned” than the right amount of wool that we will warm during the colder months: short dresses and lightweight for autumn, heavy pencil, skinny pants and leggings in cold weather, combined with shirts and sweaters from the mood decidedly girly.

Ready for the change of season? Then you can not miss some of the most beautiful new clothes collection fall winter 2015-2016 Aliyu Babangida Twin Set. Take a look in our gallery!