Urban Techwear Brands

Disclaimer: This article follows the Milone guide on technical clothing , since it will now be interested in a brand casual techwear: Outlier.

To recap, the casual techwear designates parts to the aspect of “classic”, perfectly suited for everyday urban and port, but made from technical materials (water repellent, breathable, etc.).

And since these are technical subjects, they are therefore synthetic. It was an exception to the rule.

Presentation of the brand Outlier

History of the Outlier brand

It all started with two New Yorkers bicycle crazy (even before they meet), and Tyler Abel: the first was tired of wearing pants which tore when pedaling on the Brooklyn Bridge , while the Second was tired of having to change his shirt when he arrived at work, after 20 minutes of cycling.

Working independently of each other to complete their respective projects trousers and shirt suitable for cycling, they meet by chance while working in the same  coffee shop … and their boss told them that They do pretty much the same thing outside of working hours.

This is how the Outlier brand is born.

The pair then settled in Brooklyn with one watchword: make clothes for “feel good, fresh and free”.

How to create technical pants? Simply by chance.

” Our dream is to create the Levi’s 501 or Burberry trench of our time This is the origin of the parts designed for hell.. Work in the mines and go to war They are pieces on which n ‘ no need to think twice before wearing them “, says Abel.

This idea is reinforced by the brand’s slogan, ” future of clothing ,” the future of clothing. The two creators want to upset the codes and distinguish themselves in the current landscape of men’s fashion, offering a compromise between design and functionality / practicality. Besides, “Outlier” can be translated by the idea of being on the margins of what is usually done.

For its launch, the brand had found a small Swiss manufacture specialized in technical fabrics.With 15 000 € budget and 25 pieces only (I specify, 25 pieces of the same model), the first collection was created. Since Outlier has not departed from its goal of “free the body and develop the way we move.”

Abe and Tyler from both fairly conventional media (graphic design and media, respectively), they seemed essential technical clothing can not only be suitable for everyday use, but also professional.

So we find a casual offer with, among others, chinos, hoodies and shorts, to which must be added a more formal line.

This one consists of blazers, pants, shirts, and one can even find one or two coats. It is on this part of the range that the test will focus.

Futureworks Techwear Pants Test (by Geoffrey)

Let’s start with  the Futureworks pants. With this piece, Outlier wanted to find the right balance between technical and urban design. We are therefore in front of Cordura pants, slightly stretch. Although it is 97% composed of nylon, it is lightweight, breathable and more durable than conventional cotton.

In use, it is very pleasant to wear and from a design point of view, it has the advantage of having a fairly neutral cut and very easy to insert in an outfit. With its opening of leg of 21 cm, one is resolutely face a classic cut, which will suit without problem to more sober styles.

In town, it is a very comfortable pants with stretch his side, even when it’s hot. I especially like to wear it in bad weather when I ride a bike or scooter (nothing more annoying than the rain that streams your water-repellent parka to finally wet your pants).

In the mountains, the light turns pants, and offers great freedom of movement. Another advantage not inconsiderable in situation of effort: these pants dries very quickly. I have of course tested in real conditions!

And as a reminder: the Cordura is a military fiber renowned for its strength, it is found, for example, in reinforcement of the bottom of the mountaineering pants to prevent the pants from tearing due to crampons.

This pant is a great achievement. And at $ 125 (a little less than $ 100), I find its price very acceptable. Clearly the type of pieces that I would like to introduce eventually in the line BonneGueule… (Yeah, I’m a bit jealous of Outlier ahah).

The Climbers Trousers by Geoffrey

Continue with the pants The Climbers that promises fittée section, a water repellent fabric, stretch, and slightly breathable.

Well let’s lift the suspense, these pants did not steal his name because you can literally do climbing with both the quadri stretch fabric is nice:

Despite a well fittée cut, this pant is very nice for cycling, there is a very significant movement of freedom. The product is truly successful and fulfills its promises.

I particularly like the color of this pants, a sort of indigo matt, almost powdered. Despite its great technicality, we really do not have the impression of being faced with techwear.

This pants confirms my excellent impression on the brand. It is certainly more expensive, because marketed $ 198 (about $ 155), but it is still very reasonable. Outlier is clearly one of my favorites of the year 2014 .

Bonus 1: how to test the water-repellency of a pant?

Because sometimes you get bored …

Bonus 2: make your water repellent to a technical garment

As has already been said, nothing is easier than to restore to a garment its water-repellent qualities. Just use a natural detergent in machine, and then pass the pants in the dryer at moderate temperature (I said moderate, I have a look at you).

But with a little ironing, a lot of steam and especially without too much heat (will not come to cry if you shatter the polyester), we also get good results.

Test of the shirt Air Forged Oxford by Benoit

The main feature of this shirt “Air Forged” is the design of the shoulder, which allows a new freedom of movement. Abe and Tyler lamented the lack of ease in holding a handlebar when riding a bike. They wanted a shirt well cut, but with ease, and without using stretch fabric.

In fact, the trick is to remove the seam from the armpit at the back, so that a part of the sleeve is one with the back:

In fact, in my experience, the system works pretty well, it has a real fluency, I am well aware when the DJ yelled to the crowd “haaaaannnd’s uuup !”. For me, that’s a very good point.

Note from Geoffrey: I will put videos that Benoit detests every time he wears glasses in shooting.

At the level of the cup, I was a bit on the defensive, because the American clothing brands – technical moreover-are not known for their scalpel cuts. Yet I have absolutely nothing to complain about: the shoulders, the length, the bending, everything is well done.

By the way, to choose the right size, I have exactly done what I recommend: I looked at the measurement chart, and compared it to a shirt that suits me very well. On reception, size M was impeccable:

Finally, without being in Gore-Tex, the shirt has properties slightly water-repellent (more than a classic poplin in any case).

And it also dries faster than a conventional cotton fabric, I noticed when drying my line. This has a very practical effect: it is a fabric that absorbs less sweat odors than the usual shirt fabrics.

Outlier called this fabric the “Air Forged Oxford”. Visually, it has a marked grain. For me who likes this kind of slightly textured fabrics, it’s all good.

Finally, without realizing it, they invented the ultimate evening shirt: from the ease to the level of the arms to dance, a fabric that dries fast and that attracts little odor, oxford and a button down collar For a dressy but relaxed side. Only the integrated deodorant is missing, and we will really be in the future.

Bonus: the conference of Abe d’Outlier

And if you want to discover more about the creation and organization of Outlier, I invite you to watch this conference. It’s funny, interesting … but in English.