Vårväska in Canvas and Leather – It Can be Yours

Bags and toilet bags we carry with us in everyday life and on trips.

They should be practical, accommodate what we need and love to last.

If they are enriched with a fine pattern, they will be extra easy to carry.

Now is your chance to win just such a bag from Swedish Naow.

Naow is a Swedish brand which, together with various designers adds color to our everyday accessories. In the first collection the designers Lisa Dalenius, Iwa Herdensjö and Lotta Kühlhorn left their mark on toilet bags, towels, soaps and shopping bags in fabric.

Now Hera bag in canvas and leather as well as two in the same collection can be yours.

Answer the question: Who was the goddess Hera married according to Greek mythology? Send your answer and your address to alltommode@expressen.se.

The contest runs through Friday, 3/27 at 12:00.

Good luck!