Video of the Day Natalie Portman in: It’S Miss, Actually.

To another campaign hardly all the fuss has been in the recent past as to the latest beauty-spot from the House of Christian Dior: it’s Miss, actually. So much was clear: it should go to a wedding, the bride would MIME the beautiful Natalie Portman and something should not really go as planned. An insanely elaborate wedding invitation, countless teaser videos and Polaroids of the marriage, where I found myself again, followed. A really elaborate campaign, which more than delightful therefore came even before its official launch – so much it already was clear.

Today was now finally revealed the secret – and what should we say? Miss Dior Miss Dior remains and will not for the time being to the Madame. Natalie Portman fled Couture, namely, quite incidentally in a dream gown by Christian Dior straight from the altar in the wilderness, to finally be saved by their really great love with the helicopter. Dramatically underscored by Janis Joplin’s Evergreen “piece of my heart” – and for this reason, one of the most beautiful, if also schmaltzier short films for a long time at the latest. 

What happened exactly? The only “daughter” married Christian Dior (aka Miss Dior). Natalie Portman, the beautiful bride, that is the campaign face of the brand already since 2011, is shortly before her own wedding. Everything is done, everything is arranged: perfect backdrop meets charming dress – and of course also the groom at the altar waiting for. You know it: the bride takes rip off. A short film by Director Anton Corbijn

the save the date via email:

little teaser of the #missactually campaign: already a bit cute, non?

And me without further ADO to the ceremony and wedding images, on which, the Dior team grabbed even all his Photoshopping skills officials.

and what do we learn?

Miss Dior remains free and unbound, fleet-footed and indecisive – and true especially to themselves.