Warm Turtleneck Sweaters

Rehabilitated by the biggest creators, sweater Turtleneck has turned the stylistic corner to reach the top of the trends in fall-winter 2017. The evidence with 25 models of our selection.

Warm Turtleneck Sweaters

Adornment anti cold by essence, sweater Turtleneck, or collar chimney, part of these basic inherent in the winter that we provide to wear the uncomfortable scarf. Stylistic reminiscence of childhood for some

incarnation of a style (too?) PREPPY for others, the Turtleneck, falsely retro resembles, is again acclaimed by ready-to-wear retailers.

  • The Turtleneck of collections fall-winter 2016-2017

Evidence of its potential mode, it features a wide variety of style to please the greatest number: we already took our sights on the sweater Maje at high studded collar. Bright yellow, the model of the Weekday brand necessarily caught us the eye while tight sweaters with stripes Cédric Charlier, 81Hours and See by Chloé stop a certain stylistic monotony. Check out more on http://www.songaah.com/lyrics/tight-sweater.html.

Colours, if the light shades are preferred by the brands Cos, Malen Birger and Isabel Marant, anthracite shades take the place of big favourite among Moncler and Topshop. If you don’t want to grind black, variegated patterns ofSandro and Vanessa Bruno are ready to brighten up your winter.

  • How to wear the Turtleneck this winter?

That it is preferred way cropped top, in extra-fine mesh, worn close to the body, or big twisted wool that goes back until flush with the Chin, the Turtleneck adapts to all parts of the locker room: the elegant pencil skirt to the narrow slim jeans through the clear flowing pants and even alone, with trees like a dress, if it is long enough.

Fashion Tip: it is thinner-and that the weather conditions – we can put it on under another sweater round neck or V-neck, in twistant colors for a layered certainly trend effect.