Warm up in a Parka – the Smartest Winter Jacket

Prkas or jacket.

Faux fur or leather coat.

It is time to prepare for colder weather.

All about modes Emma Danielsson guide to 15 smart news that warms in winter.

Investing in a classic winter jacket is a smart move.

A winter jacket we use a few months a year and where we want it both heats, is sustainable and can be used both recreationally and on the way to work.

A jacket with many features might not always easy to find but a parka meets them all.

It is both practical and warm, easy to move in and becoming. It is also a model that never goes out of style, that constantly recur and therefore often manage themselves from being perceived dated.

Emma Danielsson has found 15 jackets in different price range and style – but with the same task – to warm you in winter.