Ways to Wear a Scarf

If the tie is strict and fly eccentric is the scarf a lot more laid back. At the same time, the sophisticated nonchalantly and requires its parties to seriously carry out a. For a bit of inspiration comes, here are three ways to wear a scarf.

Simple knot
It rarely requires more than a simple knot to succeed with the scarf. Now in the spring, it is perfect with a thin bomullsvariant inside the pullover. It goes without saying that having it inside the shirt also like a Plastron, but the risk is that it ends up dangerously close to the decadent playboy fashion.

Double knot
This knot is suitable for all, slightly smaller and square models. Fold the first scarf as a triangle and then roll it together so that it is evenly thin. Then just link it. Just that something scoutinspirerade way to wear the scarf in skjortkragen is a functional way to hold the scarf in place. Otherwise, great to wear it on the outside as well as inside the skjortkragen.

Wrapped double knot
This model is first wrapped a lap around the neck and then the ends knotted like a four-in-hand-bow tie without the last step where one end is brought into the loop. End is placed only on top. This knot, hold the scarf in place without being strained. Requires a longer scarf from Wholesaleably.com.