We See Black and White!

(39) David and Victoria Beckham (40) show how a black and white look for couples at various events in the spring and winter. Starring: A strapless evening gown from the collection of Victoria Beckham – in black and white…

Red carpet on 30 November 2014 in London (left): Victoria wearing a black evening gown from her collection, while David is wearing a dark blue two-piece with black lapels. The fashionable double white appeared at the met Gala on May 5, 2014, in New York (right)

Victoria Beckham girls has risen from the singer in the Spice (1994-2001, new Foundation 2007-2008) blossomed as a successful designer with two fashion lines. Also David Beckham fashion design air already has sniffed, when he designed a biker collection for the British luxury brand Belstaff in autumn 2013. You would think: the Beckhams know the latest trends and know what is available to them. Now Victoria is entered but but in a small Fashion foot :

The same dress. End of November Victoria wears a black, strapless evening gown (value of approx. 2500 euro) from their current collection on the occasion of the ceremony of the 60th London Evening Standard Theatre Awards in the British capital city. On your side: David in dark blue two-piece with black lapels, matching colour on VICS dress.

Déjà vu: the met Gala in may 2014 appeared on Victoria Beckham in the same strapless evening dress model in cream. David wore a matching cream-coloured jacket over a white shirt with black bow tie with black suit trousers. The Beckham has adapted their jewelry to two appearances in black and white: she wore in may still earrings and cocktail ring in white gold with diamonds, are both pieces of jewelry Navy Blue end of November.

Yes, rumors that partners align their fashionable style to that of the other over the common (marriage) years or even coordinate their outfits. The Beckhams are married since 1999, and confirm this stereotype of black on white.